PEC Predictive: Life-Saving Prediction Tool

With PEC Predictive, we're empowering owner clients with a highly accurate prediction model which reduces incidents in the workplace.

PEC's latest innovation, PEC Predictive, is a first-of-its-kind safety tool that can predict the risk of an incident over the next three months. PEC is the only platform on the market with predictive analytics as part of its contractor management toolkit.

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How does it work?

Each month, more than 40 million anonymized contractor data points are run through a proprietary modeling system built by Predictive Solutions in collaboration with PEC. That data is used to rank contractors in three categories - standard, elevated or high risk.

The ranking is based on machine learning technology that identifies patterns in the safety questionnaire data, which pinpoints when injuries are likely to occur. This data is fed directly back into our Compliance Pro platform for Owner Clients to view. Along with risk levels, Owner Clients can view the top three contributing factors to the contractor's ranking.

Highlighting these risk factors allows clients and contractors to focus their limited risk mitigation resources where they are most likely to prevent a workplace injury.

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